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Guernsey 2021 New Plans Announced - Updated 14th December 2020 :

Following the announcement in September that the Guernsey 2021 NatWest International Island Games would be postponed, the International Island Games Association (IIGA) have announced that Guernsey will now host the Games in the summer of 2023.

Therefore the plan for future Games will be to move forward the confirmed Host Islands by two years: Orkney will be 2025, Ynys Mon will be 2027 and the Isle of Man will become the preferred host for 2029. This decision has been reached after extensive consultatIon with all of the Member Islands, as well as the Organising Committees from Guernsey, Orkney and Ynys Mon and the lead sponsors, NatWest InternatIonal.

The Chair of the IIGA Jorgen Pettersson confirmed that it has not been an easy decision, “Although the outcome of the consultation supported 2023, we have tried hard to find solutions in order to do what we are meant to be doing – develop sports within our islands.

“The pandemic has changed our lives and substantially impacted all our Member Islands, both healthwise and economically. Competitors have not been able to prepare in the usual way through training and competition.

“It is fair to say that we all feel disappointed to not be able to meet and compete until 2023. Sports and friendship have created legacies, memories, passion and ambitions in all our Member Islands. We will meet in Guernsey and we will make sure we continue to develop sport in our islands. We will now start work with the Organising Committees to update the agreements with the funding bodies and sponsors”.


See the link below for the official statement. 
Official statement

Sport managers

The Isle of Wight team for the games will be selected from eligible sports people in conjunction with nominated Sports Team Managers (STM) for each of the competing sports. Sports managers are selected by the respective IOW sports governing bodies or through liaison of all known IOW sports clubs or associations within that particular sport.
  • Archery: TBC
  • Athletics: TBC
  • Badminton: TBC
  • Basketball: TBC
  • Cycling: TBC
  • Football: TBC
  • Golf: TBC
  • Indoor Bowls: TBC
  • Sailing: TBC
  • Shooting: TBC
  • Swimming: TBC
  • Table Tennis: TBC
  • Tennis: TBC
  • Triathlon: TBC
Any prospective competitors in these sports should contact their nominated sports team manager who is the first point of contact for their sports selection process. Please contact the IWIGA if necessary to initiate contact with the STM
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