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The International Island Games Association held their virtual AGM on Saturday 26 September when Jorgen Pettersson, chair of the IIGA, sadly announced that the NatWest International Island Games scheduled to be held in Guernsey in July 2021 have been postponed.

Statement from IWIGA Chairman, Kev Winchcombe:

Although I and the whole of Team IOW are understandably disappointed with the news of the Guernsey 2021 Games being cancelled, I, along with the Trustees of the Island Games Association fully support this decision.

The uncertainty regarding Covid-19 makes planning and organising the Games incredibly challenging, and also limits competitors ability to train. This combination makes it impossible to progress at this time.

I would like to thank our sponsors, team managers, and competitors for their support, and hope they will be able to be a part of Team IOW at the next Games.


More information about The Guernsey NatWest International Island Games XVIIII will be announced soon, please check back here at later date. 

See the link below for the official statement. 
Official statement

Sport managers

The Isle of Wight team for the games will be selected from eligible sports people in conjunction with nominated Sports Team Managers (STM) for each of the competing sports. Sports managers are selected by the respective IOW sports governing bodies or through liaison of all known IOW sports clubs or associations within that particular sport.
  • Archery: TBC
  • Athletics: TBC
  • Badminton: TBC
  • Basketball: TBC
  • Cycling: TBC
  • Football: TBC
  • Golf: TBC
  • Indoor Bowls: TBC
  • Sailing: TBC
  • Shooting: TBC
  • Swimming: TBC
  • Table Tennis: TBC
  • Tennis: TBC
  • Triathlon: TBC
Any prospective competitors in these sports should contact their nominated sports team manager who is the first point of contact for their sports selection process. Please contact the IWIGA if necessary to initiate contact with the STM
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