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November 4th, 2016 by
(Photo by IW County Press)
What does it take to be a swimmer for the Isle of Wight in the NatWest Island Games? In short, it takes a lot of hard work and commitment. Megan King gets up early, she is the the pool for training at 6am, 3 times a week, swimming for 1.5 hours before heading to school and then 4 times a week she is back in the pool after school or in the evening for a further 2 hours in the water. Her weekends consist of more early morning training or competitions on the mainland.

Megan who is a member of Seaclose Swimming Club built on her success at the World Youth Games in 2014, working 10 hours a week, in the pool, to be selected for the Island Games in Jersey 2015 and is continuing with her efforts in training to hopefully be selected for Gotland 2017. Since Jersey, Megan was invited to the British Summer Championships in 2015 and the National Championships in 2016 where she swam her favourite events, the 50m Freestyle and the 50m Backstroke.  Megan is rightfully looking forward to a successful 2017.

Megan was just 14 in Jersey where she was the youngest member of TeamIOW from any sport. She felt that being the youngest member of the whole IOW team was quite daunting at first but in the build up to the games found it was actually "pretty cool" to do interviews with both IW Radio and IW County Press. In Jersey she achieved 9th place in the 100m Backstroke and excellent result for the youngest member of the team.

Megan feels that competing at the Island Games has been one of the best swimming experiences she has had to date and credits the games with leading onto her competing in the British Championships. Her experience at the games shows what a great event they are and how it can motivate you for a future in sport.

Megan has recently taken part in phase 1 of the ‘Discover your Gold’ campaign. Where the British Olympic Squads are looking for girls across England, who already compete in sports, to try out for different categories. She was selected for ‘Discover your Power’ where they are looking for athletes in; Sprint Cycling, Skeleton and Sprint Canoe. She was one of 1500 people chosen from around 4000 applicants. Everyone was tested on their physical and mental abilities. The process took about 5 hours but was a great opportunity for her and shows that many sporting skills are transferrable. She will find out if she makes the next phase shortly.

Thinking back to her Jersey experience, Megan said "The community and atmosphere of the competition was incredible. I loved every moment of it. Although it was a very long, difficult week it was different to all of my other competitions and it wasn’t just on poolside 24/7. Meeting teams from different countries and trading badges and t-shirts with them was probably one of my favourite things about the games."

"Some of the people I met there, I occasionally see around poolside at other competitions even now. I would love to go to Gotland in 2017 and re live the experience all over again, in a different location with different people and learn about the culture whist being there. Oh! and of course hopefully beat my record of getting over 10 Pb’s that I gained in jersey and perhaps even making a final!"

Megan has won Gold at the Hampshire Championships for 50m freestyle in the Youth age group. She also has won bronze in 50m free at the Welsh Nationals, silver and bronze in 50m backstroke and bronze for 50 free at South East Regionals.

Just making the finals in Gotland will be a huge ask for any swimmer as the event will take place in a 5 lane pool but Megan will be giving it everything to achieve her Personal Best times and hoping of the chance to swim for a medal in the games.

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